Walk Safely to School Day, Road Safety Week, Ten Tiny Things Competition

Julia Calvert

We decided to do things a little bigger for this year’s Walk Safely to School Day,

As it fell in Road Safety Week, the Your Move team made daily announcements about road safety rules. This included information about riding single file, wearing a helmet, crossing roads and being a safe passenger in a car. My team did a great job reading these out an ensuring all students knew how to be safe on the roads.

We also ran a Ten Tiny Things competition. Each class was read the fabulous Ten Tiny Things book (available in the Rewards Shop) and then were challenged to walk or ride to school that week and find Ten Tiny Things. Junior classes were allowed to draw their items and seniors wrote a list. The Your Move Team has a hard time choosing winners but after some discussion and justification, they worked it out. Prizes were awarded at the assembly on Friday and the class with the most also received a Your Move Family Activity Book for each entry and a copy of the book for their teacher. The Kindy also got involved as Mrs Moore loves Ten Tiny Things. They did an activity collecting 10 tiny things from around the school (picture below).

If that wasn’t enough leading up to the special day, on the actual day we had our Your Move Team handing out stickers and tattoos at the entrances of the school. They had also set up an obstacle course for students to go through when they arrived – hopscotch using hoops, tight rope walking on a skipping rope, jumping over small hurdles and zig zagging through cones. They had the added bonus of wearing some Walk Safely to School t-shirts we were given a few years ago. It was a great idea to keep these!

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James (Your Move)

What a day Julia! I love this combination of elements you have used to make it a bit more special and engaging. You have earned 40 points for particpating in NWSSD, 25 for your Road Safety Week announcements, 25 for your 10 Tiny Things activity and another 20 for sharing so much information in this story 😊.

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