Winterfold Student and Staff Teams Sorted!

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

The popularity of Winterfold's Your Move Team continues to astound me! This year, the Year 6 students were unable to make the 'interest' meeting; however, I had 42 Year 4 and 5 students turn up to hear about the committee and 39 applications. I initially only wanted 9 on my team ... but with so many interested I expanded to 12. I have kept the other applications for 'special events' when I need some extra help. It is just such a joy that the students at Winterfold want to be a part of this awesome program!

I also decided this year to create a staff Your Move Team to help me out with events and organisation. Three teachers have joined me which should take the load off.

Our first student team meeting was setting the expectations and planning for the term. We are going to do an infrastructure audit as it has been some time since we last did one and, with new bike and scooter racks, there have been some changes. We are also putting out a suggestion box to the school for ideas and began planning for Ride Safely to School day. It’s great to have a new enthusiastic team to work with this year.

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Wow Julia, 42 super keen students and 39 applications to join the YM team! 🙌 I wish there were more than 60 points to award for your student team start up!! 😄 Good news that you have more staff YM members too. Thanks for your super positive story update - 10 points. What ever you are doing - keep doing it!

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