Winterfold's Dress Up Your Bike Competition

Julia Calvert

Last Friday, Winterfold Primary School held a Sustainability Day. It was an extremely busy day due to it being Sustainability Week, Harmony Week, Waterwise Week and Bike Week, but Your Move managed to secure some time for our Dress Up Your Bike Competition. A large crowd of students with their decorated bikes and scooters were already cruising around the course before the committee got down there – thankfully I had set up the cones for the course early! Some notable ones were the musical bike, unicorns and a giant spider! We had a huge number of parents there to watch as well. The Principal came down too and later commented that it was a lovely atmosphere, great to see so many parents, well run and had at least 30% more participants than the last competition held before my time. I have never seen our bike racks so full! It was great to see. Prizes were awarded at the assembly. These were slap straps, drink bottles and backpacks all purchased from the Your Move Reward Shop with our points,

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like you had a real festival at Winterfold on Friday! You received 40 points for you R2SD event plus 20 for having a bike dress up comp. You painted such a lovely picture with this story that you also got another 10 points! It looks like a really happy crowd in the pic - well done!

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