World Car Free Day at Winterfold

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Winterfold participated in World Car Free Day on Tuesday, 22 September. We asked all students to walk, ride, scoot, skate, bus or, if they lived too far away, park and walk/ride the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, we forgot to inform the weather gods and it was a little wet! We still had quite a few students who came in a car free manner and it was lovely to see families getting involved together with plenty of parents walking and riding with their children.

It was fabulous to have whole school participation in this activity too. Each class tallied and recorded their class data. We had a range from 45% to 66% which, given the rain, is a pretty good effort. We also had a range of displays from the lower end of the school who made some fabulous picture graphs to middle school who tallied, graphed and then wrote an analysis of their data to upper school students who did side by side and stacked column graphs.

The hope is that this motivation will continue and our end of year survey will show a big improvement.

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James (Your Move)

Judging by your photos it looks like plenty of fun was had, despite the wet weather - well done Winterfold! Your event has earned you 40 points plus 10 for sharing so much - I particularly enjoyed reading the examples of the students' analysis of the day (you earned another 15 points for running this additional activity with the kids). You also received 10 points for sharing your participation percentages - as you said, not bad at all for a rainy day!

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