Yellow Block Transport Survey

Julia Calvert

Room 1 conducted a survey on how the students in Yellow Block (Year 2 & 3) get to school. First the children surveyed their peers in Room 1, they then went on to survey the other two classes Room 2 and Room 3. The results were recorded using a bar graph. The children were surprised by the amount of children that still arrived to school by car. There were some valid and legitimate reasons why this was the case. So, at the conclusion of the lesson the students brain stormed ideas and discussed better options and possible ways to improve the mode of transportation in the future.

Thank you Room 1 and Mrs Fullerton for your story!

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear that Mrs Fullerton and the years 2 and 3 have been getting into Your Move in the classroom 😊. Mrs Fullerton has earned 15 points for creating that activity and another 10 points for sharing the details of what they all did. Thanks for including shots of the survey in full swing too!

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