Coincidentally, Room 10’s assembly was scheduled for the same day as National Ride2School Day. So, of course, they had fume friendly travel as their theme and they did this via a quiz show!

The following is a brief summary of what they presented:

Question 1: Are helmets compulsory?
Students discussed their learning in HaSS where they identified the difference between rules and laws, who makes them and the consequences of breaking them. They stated that wearing a helmet when riding a bike is a law.

They also talked about the properties of materials that they learned in Science and Technology. They used this knowledge to discuss what a helmet is made of and why those materials were chosen.

Question 2: Give a persuasive reason to support active travel to and from school. Make sure you use a high modality word.
The answer to this question involved explaining what modality words are as well as giving a very convincing reason for choosing this method of travel to get to school, being that it wakes your brain up and obviously gets you ready to learn.

Question 3: True or false: Over half of Perth school students are driven to school even though they live within 1 km of the school?
As well as explaining that this is shockingly true, the students also explained how far a kilometre is, using a metre ruler and comparing it to two and a half times around the oval. They also explained that this contributes to pollution and extra cars on the road that don’t need to be. Finally, they explained what park and ride is for those students who live too far to ride or walk.

Question 4: What is defined as active travel?
Students explained that active travel is where you are physically active when you travel, such as walking, riding a bike or scooter and catching a bus or train. They pointed out that buses are classed as active travel as, unlike cars, they are able to transport many people at one time, thereby reducing pollution.

Hopefully this assembly full of integrated information will give other teachers ideas of how to bring Your Move and fume friendly travel into their lessons.

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James (Your Move)

What a COOL (and SMART!) assembly item! Very well thought through everyone. You have earned yourselves 25 points, plus 10 for sharing the whole text. Have a brilliant weekend ☀️☀️.

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Oh that wasn't the whole text, James, just the highlights. The scripts was too long - with many laughs - but I gave you the best bits!

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James (Your Move)


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