Your Move Committee are on fire!!

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

WPS Your Move Committee is a popular one to be on! Another two students have joined this term bringing out number to 12! They have already made some interesting suggestions too. We held a committee meeting this week and discussed quite a number of things. Firstly we discussed the progress of our Traffic Warden application - it has gone to the committee and we are awaiting the results with fingers crossed. We had also been trying to get a Walking School Bus going, however we only had 15 parents interested and they all live so spread out that we can't get even one bus happening. In lieu of this, we will be looking at a Park and Walk Initiative for next term. We also discussed a number of other ideas for next term including promotional ideas for active travel such as Fume Free Fridays and we will be holding RAC and TransPerth incursions. Finally, we decided to purchase the two new books from the Reward shop and donate them to our School Library. This committee is always on the move!!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for filling us in on your term 3 planning session. Yes, the WSB is excellent but isn't necessarily for every school. Harrisdale PS has recently launched a successful P&W scheme and posted a couple of interesting stories worth checking out, including this one . I have linked your story to the Organise Regular Team Meetings activity which has given you 15 points, plus you have received a bonus 10 for the detailed outlined on your session.

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Nice work all round! Great you are continuing to build your student team and those that are coming on board are bringing fresh ideas. Also, great not to be detered if one idea doesn't work out, just look for another one! Very thoughtful of you to redeem your points for books to contribute to your library for kids to read and be inspired.

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