Your Move Fume Free Fridays!

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

The Your Move Committee has a very productive meeting this week. Unfortunately our application for a Crossing Guard was not successful - we didn't have enough traffic passing us. We were also very impressed that with the warmer weather out scooter racks are filling up.

This week we also launched our Fume Free Fridays. Each Friday our committee members are going to be handing out tickets to students who walk, ride or scoot to school. We will be drawing prizes every couple of weeks and the winning class overall will receive a movie day at the end of term!! We have also motivated some classes to do a classroom activity with this, linking Maths, by graphing the number of Fume Free students they have each week. I look forward to seeing these results! We promoted this event in our newsletter and were very pleased with the number of parents who supported this initiative.

In the past we have been able to donate books from the Rewards Shop to our Library and have now decided that we will also donate some handballs to classes - using a Rebel voucher, and we will be getting some class sets of protractors and other items to donate to our Maths department using a Officeworks voucher. This all helps spread the Your Move message around our school.

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James (Your Move)

There's lots of good news in this story Julia - thanks for sharing (it is a pity about the crossing guard though). Firstly, your first Fume Free Friday is a worthy achievement, and it has earned you 90 points. The photos really capture the morning - it must be satisfying to see those scooter racks all filled up! You also earned 22 points for your newsletter story promoting active travel (I'm interested in what the Highway Hero box might be for). There were another 15 points for linking in your maths lesson to the data collection, plus a final bonus of 10 points for giving us so much information in the story.

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Thanks James. Highway Heroes is a social emotional program. Students earn tickets for that too and win a canteen voucher if their name is drawn out.

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