Your Move High Tea Planning Session

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Well it happened again! Annita from Bramfield Park and I ventured into the city for another Your Move High Tea. This time we invited along Karen who will be taking over YM at Aubin Grove.

I shared a couple of ideas I had for this year. Motivating teacher to do YM lessons seems to be a struggle here at Winterfold. So I create a document with all the lessons on it and the curriculum links in the hope that this will make it easier for teachers to plan and conduct a lesson or two throughout the year.

I also created my own year plan outlining what I wanted to do for each term, including all the special transport days such as walk to school day.

Finally, I showed the girls the committee handbook that I put together. It has some questions about how they come to school, what inspired them to join the committee and what skills they have. There are also some notes from the previous committee about what was great about being on the committee and advice to the new members. It has some space for the team to write their ideas and list what they have done to assist the committee. Finally, it has some space to write notes from meetings. I am hoping that this will help the team be more accountable and engaged.

We also shared ideas about creating a committee. Last year my whole committee were Year 6 students so I am starting from scratch this year. I have put out applications and will make my selection by the end of next week. I decided this year to take 4 students each from Years 4, 5 and 6. Already I have been overwhelmed by the response.

The plan was to hit the ground running this year; however, we have had a bit of a shaky start at Winterfold so the year starts now for us!

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Good to see you back on board, Julia!

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Thanks Natasha ... no extra points for the document??

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