Your Move in Technology Lessons

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

The Year 5/6 students at Winterfold have been investigating online surveys this semester. Each class chose a different topic to then survey other classes about. Room 7 chose Your Move. They investigated then chose a survey platform, decided on the questions to write and then analysed their results. The final part of they process was to produce a report and newsletter article. Here is the fabulous news that they provided the Your Move Champion.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Julia - your team have created a great activity here (and a very interesting survey) - earning themselves 25 points in the process. It is very interesting that 10x as many students would like to cycle to school rather than drive. I guess the next job is to try to harness that potential for change 😁. You have also earned another 20 points for sharing so many details of the survey.

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