Your Move Represented at Biennial Art Show

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

Every second year, Winterfold Primary hold an Art Exhibition to show off the students work. This year, I was asked to do a display for Your Move!

Not only was this a great opportunity to show the whole school community what Your Move is about, but it was also an amazing to me to see how much Your Move has done at Winterfold, including bringing in $46 204 since we began in 2017! This was a great reflection for me. There was so much but I realised I had missed a few things like the newsletter articles, presentations to staff and classroom lesson. The board wouldn't be big enough to contain all we actually do!

The Your Move Team also donated a prize pack for the silent auction filled with Your Move goodies such as a back pack, umbrella, drink bottle and a few other bits and pieces.

This was such a great opportunity to promote the work Your Move does at Winterfold and I was so happy to do it.

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Nice one, Julia! We often get so busy we forget HOW much has been achieved. By displaying this as you have, it brings it home to everyone just how invaluable a YM Team is to a school.

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Thanks Arlene! I was exhausted making the labels ... it is incredible how much we all do to promote active travel. Just as well we are all passionate about it! :)

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James (Your Move)

What a really worthwhile activity Julia 😊. Did you get any feedback from other staff about your display and your involvement in Your Move in general - I guess a few would have been surprised by that figure of $46k! You have earned 25 points for your efforts in setting up this display and another 10 for sharing it all with us here.

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HI James. It adds up quickly!! The staff, parents and students were impressed with the amount of work that goes into the program here... a lot of it behind the scenes organising. It was definitely well worth the effort of doing - I even surprised myself with how much I get done!

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