Your Move Team Meeting

Julia Calvert
Winterfold Primary School

The Your Move Team had a very productive meeting last week. We began by looking at our profile on the Your Move website. We could see our great point score and discussed the grant we may be able to get and what we would use it for.

Also discussed was the booking of incursions and excursions. I usually have this done much earlier in the year but it has been a slightly more challenging years but it is done now. We have the Constable Care incursion booked for Kindy, RAC Little Legends booked for PP - Year 6 and the TransPerth incursion in the process of being booked. Also, an excursion to the Constable Care Safety School has been booked for 2 classes.

We then discussed competitions for this term and forward planned a little into next term. This term we will be doing a word search and slow bike race with the Ten Tiny Things competition ready to go for next term.

All up a very productive meeting,

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James (Your Move)

Yes - a very productive meeting! I'm impressed at all the incursions you have organised for the term 😮. You and the team have earned 10 point for this meeting plus 10 for sharing all the items and outcomes.

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