On Friday 25th, WGPS participated in National Ride2School Day! It was great to see how many students rode or walked to school to promote the benefits of active transport! Our student leaders conducted a Hands Up Survey with classes in PP-6. It was great to see that of the students surveyed, we had more people actively make their way to school rather than coming via car.
Students who rode to school were acknowledged with a sticker that were purchased using our rewards points which many wore with pride throughout the day. Health Education classes were also based around the event with lessons being based around stories that we also received as a result of redeeming our points!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Callum - welcome back to Your Move for 2022 😁! NR2SD is an excellent way to kick off the YM year at Woodlands Grove. I see you received 50 points a few days ago for uploading your start of year survey. If, in fact, your survey was done on the same day as your event, you may like to consider doing another one to act as your baseline for the year (generally it is best to avoid event days for your start of year survey as it may make your results later in the year look worst than they actually are 😮). You have received 40 points for your event, plus 10 for the further details. By the way, if you would like to post a story with some more details of the classroom lessons done in the lead up, you may be eligible for some more points. Have a great week!

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