At Woodland Grove PS, Road Safety Education has been the focus of our Health lesson in early childhood classes especially. Students have been using the signs we received to better understand their meaning and how they keep us safe as pedestrians.

Our school leaders were able to create a short video explaining what we have learnt and how we use the signs during both class time and play times. Please see the below text created by the students. The video can be found on the Objective Connect Platform

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James (Your Move)

Hi Callum and welcome back to everyone at Woodland Grove for 2021! Great to hear that the road safety sign kit is going down well - did you receive this as part of the Connecting Schools grant? You have earned 12 points for posting your first story as a new YM Champion. You also received 15 points for giving us a great story (and including your students' perspectives). Can't wait to see those videos!

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