2022 Travel Survey Results

Jessie Moore

Our vision is to be a happy, healthy and sustainable office. To help us get there, we wanted to hear from people who work at our offices about how they travel to work. That’s why we put out a travel survey, asking people about how they currently travel and their motivations and barriers to choosing active and sustainable modes. As a thank you for filling out our survey, one lucky recipient will receive a $50 voucher to a local bike shop.

Nearly 50% of people who responded to our survey were interested in changing the way they get to work, and what better time to make those changes: We are about to combine our two offices into one location and will use the responses from this survey to help more people choose active and sustainable ways to get to work once we make the move.

Key facts and current travel behaviours:

  • We had 71 responses
  • Public transport is the number one way our people currently get to work, with 38% of respondents currently using public transport
  • Lots of people are already getting fit on their way to work, with 21% of respondents riding, scooting and walking to the office
  • Nearly 30% of people get to work in a car, either as driver or as a passenger

We asked people what would help them change their travel methods or continue use of sustainable modes. Here's what they told us:

  • For people who drive and are interested in changing their commute, more than half of these respondents told us that high quality end of trip facilities would help them change their behaviour. That’s wonderful news as our new building has great quality end of trip facilities. We will make sure that our internal communications let everyone know about these facilities and how they can access them.
  • Carpooling schemes were another popular idea for drivers looking to change their commute behaviour for something more sustainable. We will look for ways to support people making this convenient and social choice.
  • 27% of all respondents said that provision of share bikes/scooters would support their travelling in active and sustainable ways. We’re making the case for pool bikes.
  • 48% of people said they were interested in rewards schemes. We’re looking at challenges and events where our winners can receive more than just the everyday benefits of active travel.

There are some barriers to active and sustainable travel that we can’t fix ourselves, such as improving infrastructure along the routes between our offices and public transport so that people feel safer and more comfortable getting around. But we can explore advocating to relevant local governments for safe routes to public transport stops.

This survey has been great at highlighting how well we are already doing and how we can help people make happy, healthy and sustainable choices now and in our future location. We will let you know how it goes!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jessie and welcome to Your Move 😊! Nice work in posting your first story - and what a ripper it is. You have earned 12 points for getting online on posting for the first time and 50 points for letting us know all about your staff travel survey. The data you have collected looks really useful and should help you target the next steps - it is great to hear that many are already using active travel and others are hoping to move over to it. You have also earned 20 extra points for sharing so many details of the survey results. See you soon 😁.

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