Introducing Bruce! Your friendly business district 2021 WSP Your Move Rep


Hello there,

Bruce Ling here, one of WSP’s new YourMove representatives!

As a transport modeller, my job involves analysing and optimizing road networks to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles. Over the course of my career, I have become increasingly aware of the important role that public and active transport play in keeping Perth moving.

As a YourMove representative, I feel I should practice what I preach. Outlined below is my journey of how I am continually reducing my car dependency while having fun.

2. Taking the bus directly to the train where I sometimes meet friends and colleagues, read my emails, a book – the possibilities are endless

4. Catching the Red CAT from the William Street bus stand – it is nice to say hi to the Transperth officer who’s always energetic and jovial!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my active transport journey to work and feel encouraged to do the same!

Figure 1: Neighbourhood park view (Source:

Figure 2: Transperth Train journey – Swan River Views (Source:

Figure 3: Bruce, your friendly business district 2021 WSP Your Move Rep

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James (Your Move)

Hi Bruce - great introduction, thanks so much for giving us your personal take on active travel (and also the first WSP story for 2021 😊)! I have a feeling there are many good things to come from you and your teammates. You have earned 12 points for posting your first story and another 10 for making it so engaging. Don't forget to give us an update on the working group and U-rails when in place. See you soon 😉.

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