My new "commute"

Harriet Farminer

WSP has been playing its part in flattening the COVID-19 curve, having transitioned to remote based working in early March.

From a technological perspective, things have been reasonably straightforward. With an existing VPN connection and most employees already using laptops, the transition has been relatively seamless. In addition to the IT department, the Learning and Development team have played an important role in ensuring all employees have access to information and resources to continue working safely and efficiently from home.

On a more personal note, I have noticed both benefits and challenges due to the change in my office location. While I have enjoyed the flexibility associated with WFH, I have noticed without my commute the lines between work and home life have become a little blurry. To maintain the important separation between time devoted to work and time devoted to me I have somewhat created my own “commute” before and/or after work. Lately, this has been a walk to the local café or to the beach, however with the weather lately it looks like I’ll have to start becoming a little more creative!

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James (Your Move)

Hello Harriet - and a big welcome back to YM 2020 for all at WSP! Thanks for sharing your experience of teleworking during the pandemic. It is great to hear that the organisational structures of WSP adapted so easily to the situation. You seem to have worked out a good solution to the issue of blurred boundaries with the added bonus of keeping up your physical activity, which of course is one of the big goals of Your Move. You have just earned WSP 25 points and a chance to win the big 700!

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