September 2022 Social Bike Ride

Jessie Moore

On Tuesday 27 September, WSP held its monthly social bike ride.

As we move towards the end of Djilba and into Kambarang the days are getting longer and warmer. On Tuesday evening we had perfect conditions for our ride, looping around the Derbal Yerrigan.

Even though we were only two people, Roger and I still made time to go for a ride and get to know each other chat. It was our first time meeting in person!

We’ve been discussing why we ride, and a major reason for both Roger and I are the mental health benefits. We certainly both felt better after our scenic slow roll on such a perfect Djilba evening.

Our loop took us across the Causeway Bridge, with a narrow squeeze to fit all the people riding and walking. We noted how excited we are for the new active transport bridge in this location!

Lessons learned from this month's event:

  • Send out an event reminder the day before
  • Consider scheduling, try not to program an event the day after a long weekend

We are looking forward to our WA Bike Month 2022 event, where we will do a similar loop around the Derbal Yerrigan and end with breakfast in our new office on Spring Street.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jessie - compared to the weather in Natalie's last story on the team ride, it looks like this month's edition had perfect conditions! Great to see your and Roger's smiling faces and to hear that the monthly ride catalysed you getting together 😁. As you have already received the 40 points for your staff rides for this quarter, I can't give you that again today. The good news is that you still earned an extra 10 points for your engaging story and 5 points for sharing some lessons learned. The other good news is that the new quarter starts in three days, so your update on next month's edition of the staff ride will earn a minimum of 40 points 😊.

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