Access Maps are a hit!

Trevor Buckenara
Your Move Schools Team

We've been producing a heap of school access maps of late as part of the recent "Superboost - Safe Routes to School" package. Well, the first batch of prints have just hit the schools and were getting some great feedback.

"Yesterday, our printed copies of the Map to School arrived! Great timing as it was sent out with our newsletter that afternoon. They look fantastic! I even had a teacher messaging me that, although she knew they were coming, she was extremely impressed with how professional they looked. Thank you for the opportunity to do this. It was well worth the effort! Regards - Julia Calvert"

and more..."Well looks like I started something here! Not only did the boss and the staff love them, but the students loved them too. They were so much more than I was expecting. One class is even using them for mapping for maths. Thank you all. I’d thoroughly recommend every school to get them."

If you'd like to produce you're own Your Move access guide. Go to the Rewards Stop and search for "access guide" .. or just click this link - Cheers Trevor from the Your Move team.

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James (Your Move)


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Love them! So glad I grabbed that Superboost!

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