ARTICLE - Walking to school was common in the 1980s...

Trevor Buckenara
Your Move Schools Team

In case you missed it, here's a link to a brilliant article on ABC that was written by one of the DoT team Alison Bunbury.

This is such a personal and informative piece that sums up the issue of how even though most live within 2-3 kms, many parents these days drive their kids to school instead of spending some quality time with their kids by walking, scooting or riding a bike to school. 

I know personally, it's not always possible with work and time issues, but I cherish this special time with my daughter as we spot things on the way to school and talk about all sorts of stuff. Actually, quality time doesn't quite describe it, I'd say it's more like irreplaceable memories. 

Walking to school was common in the 1980s but now we drive our kids in record numbers

Alison Bunbury is a mother of two who encourages her boys to walk to school. She also works in transport policy but this opinion is her own.

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Thanks Trevor for this insight. Enjoyed reading Alison's account. Call it reclaiming the day, sanity saver... One of our Team, some years ago said that walking to school got her "ready" for the day; happy to take on what the day offered. Gems from our youth...

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