Hands Up Travel Survey Week is February 12 – 16 (Week 3 of Term One)

Georgia Scott
Your Move Schools Team

Make sure you submit the Your Move Schools’ Hands Up Travel Survey and receive 50 points for a valid survey of all students present from Years 1-9 on survey day.

We recommend planning ahead and scheduling alerts in staff’s calendars, draft email reminders, or any other preferred means of getting staff on-board and ready to take part in the survey.

The Hands Up Travel Survey is the only request we make of schools involved in the Your Move program and the data collected is essential for the ongoing provision of the Your Move program.

A valid survey means:

- One response each from all students from Years 1-9 on survey day

- All classrooms are surveyed on the same date

- Results reflect a normal school day – students are not alerted in advance

New hands up survey tool for high schools and large primary schools:

If you have trouble getting the Hands Up Travel Survey completed in one day, you may prefer to schedule in an official time in the school day (eg Homeroom), for all teachers to complete the survey using an individual class online form. Multiple surveys can be conducted at exactly the same time. If you would like to try this method, email the Your Move team for a copy of the new Google form. Afterwards the Your Move Champion will need to enter the results into the official form at Your Move website.

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