Hello Your Movers!

Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Your Move Schools Team

We trust that you are having a super start to 2020.

If you are yet to take your first step along our Your Move journey in 2020, then completing your Start of Year Hands Up Survey (HUS) is the perfect place to start. Not only will this give you a good picture of how your school community is currently travelling to school, but you will earn 50 points!

To collect the HUS data, why not get your classroom teachers involved by providing them with a slip of brightly coloured (harder to lose that way, right?!) printed with the survey question (see attached image) or get the student team involved in. After my recent hands-on experience collecting HUS data, I was reminded that you need to be very clear when asking students did they walk to school that morning. Many felt they had walked, even though they had travelled by car, but had walked from the car, through the gates, and into the school grounds! Note to self- ask if they walked all the way from home to school instead! Also remember to not to alert the students prior to the survey day and complete the survey before 13th March to be eligible for our Teacher Relief Initiative.

Wondering what out Teacher Relief Initiative is all about? Well, to help set our wonderful Your Move champions on the path for another successful year, Your Move Schools are excited to offer an initiative which will allow schools to access one half-day relief payment.

Here’s how will it work:

· School contacts Your Move (yourmove@transport.wa.gov.au) to register interest in Teacher Relief Initiative,

· Your Move Champion completes planning day activities (with the Your Move Student Team, if active) which includes collecting and submitting the start of Year Hands Up Survey prior to 13/03/20,

· School posts a story about the planning day activities,

· School sends an invoice for half day teacher relief to (yourmove@transport.wa.gov.au) (maximum $275 per school),

· DoT pays the invoice once the Hands Up Survey data has been received and story has been posted.

Happy travels, Dave & Carol-Ann

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