How do you get the word out about Hands Up Survey Week?

Emma Jack (Your Move) Jack
Your Move Schools Team

February 12 – 16, aka Week 3 of Term One is the official start-of-year Hands Up Survey Week.

This is when Your Move Schools submit a ‘Hands Up Travel Survey’ and receive 50 points for a valid survey.

We recommend planning ahead and schedule in alerts in staff calendars, draft your email reminders, PA announcement requests or preferred means of getting staff on-board and ready to survey.

But this Summer, we want to know - how do you get the word out? What are your tips for a smooth whole-school experience? Comment below by January 14 - best response receives 20 bonus points!

Valid start and end of year travel surveys are the sole requirement for eligibility to redeem rewards in the Your Move Schools program. This means:

· All classrooms are surveyed on the same date

· Results reflect a normal school day – students are not alerted in advance

· At Primary Schools – include every student present on survey day in classrooms Year One and above

· At Secondary Schools - include every student present on survey day in classrooms Year Seven to Nine

This start and end of year data is essential to the continuation of the program. Rather than anytime in Terms One and Four, we now two official Survey Weeks each year – this greatly improves the value of the results.

At Your Move Schools we love data! The information you collect through Hands Up Surveys helps us to see the impact of Your Move on the ground and improve the program. We really appreciate the efforts of our Champions to capture this base-line data at the start of the year.

Importantly, by recording how students are coming to school at the beginning of the year, Champions then have a point of comparison for future Hands Up Surveys, and can use the data to track the impact of activities on travel behaviour. Understanding if particular activities are inspiring some groups of students and not others is useful for future planning, so that schools can tailor Your Move to suits their particular needs.

So please pop Week 3 put it in your school calendar and have a great New Year!

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Putting on the YM Planner now, ready for SOY HU 2018! Love how you are trying to synchronize the HU count so that data is a truer indication of what is happening. Will also put into our brainstorming session next week when the 2017 Team hands over to the prospective 2018 Team. Great to have these little gems from the YM Schools Team helping us to get planning in place for 2018, so we can hit the ground running or walking or cycling... well Active Transport in whatever form! Thank you, YMST.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Thanks for your response Arlene! Did your brainstorm reveal any tips for communication with classroom teachers to prepare them for a swift survey with minimal interruption?

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Also, I have a tip for early years class surveys. Use 'corners' to divide the group up into Car, Bicycle/Scooter, Feet, Public Transport - then count heads.

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