Issues with Create Story page - Fixed!

Trevor Buckenara
Your Move Schools Team

Hi everyone.

We're pleased to announce that the issues with the "Create Story" page have been resolved!

We isolated the issue to the plugin that we use on the website (incidentally, it’s actually called “Sir Trevor” – but not after me - but after Sir Trevor McDonald,  Trinidadian-British newsreader and journalist - see pic below)

If you have any further issues at all, please let us know on the Contact us form.


Activity page fixed! 

Another issue we recently fixed is an issue where multiple 'Hands Up Surveys' were showing on users' Activity Lists. This has been an issue for some time, but the boffins at the web developers have recently fixed it.! 😊

If you are still seeing multiple Hands up Surveys in your activities list please let us know.


Cheers and have a great Christmas break


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Brilliant! Thanks Sir Trevor! :)

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