New Activities Added!

Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Your Move Schools Team

The Your Move Schools team have added two great activities for your school to get involved with.


Travel on Transperth

Many of our wonderful Your Move schools have already discovered how Transperth can offer a low-cost, eco-friendly way to travel to your excursion destination. Travelling on Transperth is a great way to explore your local community and beyond. Taking students on public transport also presents a great teaching opportunity as students can learn through guidance how to safely and confidently navigate buses, train and ferries thus developing important lifelong skills.

If you are keen to try using Transperth for your next outing, we have developed an easy step by step resource to making it happen.


Constable Care Safety School Excursion

Why not combine travel on Transperth with a visit to the fantastic Constable Care Safety School! Take your students on a road safety excursion to the Constable Care Safety School and experience a best-practice excursion destination for children aged 4-11 years.

At the Safety School students are given the opportunity to practice dealing with road and transport hazards in a safe and realistic urban environment. As students navigate the Safety School as both cyclists and pedestrians, it is a great opportunity to improve the skills required for engaging in active transport on their travel to and from school.

Visit the Constable Care Safety School to learn more and for details on how to book.

Don’t forget to write a story about your visit to the Safety School, linking to this activity to earn 50 points!

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