New Your Move Stickers for Schools!

Katy (Your Move) Sullivan
Your Move Schools Team

The Your Move team here at Department of Transport have been busy getting our creative hats on and updating some of our reward items with great new designs - items like new badges, tattoo's and stickers.

Our office is buzzing with excitement this morning as the first lot of stickers have arrived. We hope you love the three new designs and that your students love them as much as we do!

They'll be available on the online store shortly for you to place your orders - a roll of 250 stickers will be able to be ordered for 20 points.

They are a great reward item to recognise students who are active for their trip to school for event days and as a surprise reward on non event days too. Student leaders standing at school entrances with these little treats will create a buzz and encourage active trips more often.

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Stickers look great. Nice work, YM Team! Looking forward to "adding these to our cart!" Hopefully they will be in the shop in time for Bike Week.

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Fantastic! Can't wait to share these around :)

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