Points Balance Problems? Try refreshing you cache!

David (Your Move) Paddon
Your Move Schools Team

One of the most common problems we get contacted about here at the Your Move office is an incorrect points balance on your school or workplace profile. Perhaps you posted a story last week, and you've logged in this morning to notice that your points haven't changed? Maybe you want to make a purchase in the Rewards Shop, but when you get there, your points balance in the shop is different to the one on your dashboard?... Weird huh?

This problem is usually related to one of two problems:
1) You need to refresh your cache
2) You need to update or change your internet browser

Your cache stores previous versions of the websites you visit, which means the next time you go to those websites, they will load quicker. This is usually a good thing, however, sometimes the cached version doesn't pick up the changes that have been made since you last visited (i.e. it doesn't realise that points have been added or subtracted from your balance). This can often be a problem on computers that don’t get updated and patched regularly.

The good news is, it's very easy to refresh your cache. Just check out this handy web page to find out how to do it on all types of computers and browsers.

Finally, we have found that Google Chrome works best as your default 'Your Move browser'. It shouldn't matter too much if your computer is regularly updated but, if you're experiencing some issues, try using Chrome first to see if it makes a difference.

Have a great week and keep posting those stories!

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