Thank Your School Traffic Warden for National Road Safety Week

David (Your Move) Paddon
Your Move Schools Team

15 - 22 November 2020 is National Road Safety Week where Western Australians are encouraged to 'Shine a Light' on road safety through NRSW Road Safety Community Grants, memorials and morning teas, the lighting of WA buildings and icons in yellow lights, or just by wearing a yellow ribbon to honour those we have lost and pledging to make the roads safer for everyone.

As part of the 2020 NRSW celebrations, Tuesday 17th November is the inaugural "Thank a School Traffic Warden Day", a great initiative that gives school communities an opportunity to thank their traffic wardens for the work they do in keeping children safe in their daily commute.

Check out the WA Road Safety Commission website for downloadable posters, certificates and more, and take this opportunity to let Your Move know how you've shown your appreciation for your local School Traffic Warden by posting a story on the website.

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James (Your Move)

I love the "thank a traffic warden" idea, Dave. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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Interestingly, Dave, we were alerted to this last week, so we rustled up a YM certificate & customised it for the occasion.

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