Walk Safely to School Day- are you ready?!

Carol-Ann Prinsloo

Are you planning an event for Walk Safely to School Day for this coming Friday, 17th May? If so, it’s not too late to order one of the super Walk Safely to School prize packs from the Rewards Shop.

It’s jam packed full of great gear to encourage your students to get moving, and keep moving by foot, scooter or bike to school, through the winter months. There are also some coffee vouchers to say thank you to the fantastic parents, grandparents and other carers who help the kids get active on the journey to school.

Don’t delay, click here to see the full inventory of what’s included in the pack and to order yours today.

After the event, tell us how it went by posting a story. Don't forget to add the activity ‘Run a special event at your school’ to your school 'Activity List' before posting your story, then link to the activity at the bottom of the story box. We love seeing photos and videos of your event days so be sure to include some to showcase all that happens and to boost your story points!

Happy walking

Carol-Ann & Dave

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