Your Move attends the City of Cockburn World Environment Day festival

Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Your Move Schools Team

Whilst the weather last Wednesday 12th June, may have been a little cold and overcast, the energy that the 10 schools attending the World Environment Day festival brought along with them, soon heated up the Cockburn Wetlands Centre and set the scene for a fun day full of interactive environmental education activities!

Dave and I were lucky to be invited along to deliver the session “Is it getting hot in here?”, a modified version of the Class Activity ‘CO2 Experiment and the Greenhouse Effect’ and similar to what we delivered at the Earth Day Expo in April.

The session had the students stepping into the role of scientists, conducting an experiment to produce CO2, and was followed by a discussion on ways in which we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of CO2 contributed to the environment. Students brainstormed short car trips they take regularly with their family, such as to the local park, shops or school, that they could perhaps walk, cycle or scoot to instead.

The students left the session feeling informed and empowered to make changes to start reducing their carbon footprint. Hopefully we will see some of the schools who joined us at the event, coming on board the Your Move Program soon.

Don’t forget, if you held an event or ran an activity to acknowledge and celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, please share as a story to inspire others.

Happy travels! Carol-Ann

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