Zero points, but balance remaining to spend in 2018?

Emma Jack (Your Move) Jack
Your Move Schools Team

Our apologies for any confusion surrounding your points expiry dates! The site is being amended to accurately report... that your 2017 accrued points will expire in December 31, 2018.

Did you know that your organisation has two types of points tallies?

1. Current Points Balance
This is the balance you see when you go to the Shop to redeem your points for rewards.

Points expire 12 months or more after they are earned.

2. Annual leaderboard points
Each year schools compete on the leaderboard as they earn their accreditations for Bronze and above.

At the end of each calendar year these points return to zero and reset on January 1st - ready for a new year of challenge and achievement.

Stickers recognising your highest level of achievement in 2017 will be posted early in 2018.

If this is the first year your school has been awarded a Your Move accreditation, you will also be contacted about installing a large metal Your Move sign - to proudly display out the front of the school.


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Thank you, Emma for clarifying the points query for everyone.

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