5 minutes with Julie Passmore, City of Albany

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

The City of Albany is one of our 'frequent-posters.' If you've been wondering who is behind these great posts then come spend 5 minutes with Julie Passmore.

1. What is a recent active transport win you’ve had at work?
The City of Albany is the first organisation in WA to offer staff the option to lease e-Bikes via salary sacrifice. Two staff members have taken up the option already and often share the e-Bike love with people they meet on their work commutes. Our Mayor is also a new e-Bike convert and is regularly seen around town commuting by bike!
2. How do you try and cycle or walk more in your own life?
I cycle to work two or three days a week after putting my kids on the bus to school. On the days I drive in, once I’ve parked the car I try to walk or ride for meetings and errands – an easy choice thanks to the staff e-Bike fleet. As a family we’re walking our way through the shorter routes on the 10 Great Walks Albany map.
3. Why do you think e-bikes are proving so popular in Albany?
Albany is a beautiful place to cycle but the hills can be a challenge. With an e-Bike you get assistance up hills and into the wind while still enjoying the amazing views – it’s pedal power with boost!
4. Tell us about a challenge you’ve had in promoting active transport and how you tried to overcome it?

Active transport can seem daunting – some folks think it’s a good idea for others but too hard for their own busy lives. I try to encourage people to take small steps and start by choosing just one trip or part of a trip they can do without the car.

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