5-packs of SmartRiders now up for grabs in the shop

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

We have a new shop item to help you encourage people at your workplace to use public transport – a pack of five SmartRiders each loaded with $20 for 100 points.

SmartRiders are reusable smart cards which allow hassle free travel on Transperth services. These packs of five SmartRiders cards, each loaded with $20 to get you started, can be used as business SmartRiders for staff to use for work trips throughout the day or you could use them as staff give-aways to encourage people to try public transport for the work commute – it is up to you!

The City of Belmont has a long history of using SmartRiders for business trips. Belmont’s Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Cole, leads by example, using public transport regularly for business trips, including taking his Directors to meetings in Perth by train. If you would like some tips on how you can introduce office SmartRiders for business trips at your workplace then click here

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Great idea! Looking for incentives to encourage staff to give up their car bay for a day... these are just the ticket 🚶 🚘

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Lisa, they sure are. They are also perfect for people to use for work trips during the day - saves booking out a pool car and searching for parking and if you are really keen you can prep for the meeting on the bus/train.

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