Bike Share Master Class

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

The Your Move team had the pleasure of hosting a Bike Share Master Class today, delivered by Dr Elliot Fishman of the Institute for Sustainable Transport and Australia's resident Bike Share expert.

This was a great opportunity for interested local governments and cycling groups to think about how Bike Share can impact our streets and users would really like. Bike Share is not about cycling ... its about creating successful vibrant cities.

By reallocating the road space we are able to move people using less space. If you would like to find out more check out Elliot's fantastic presentation.

Have you used a Bike Share service? What did you think? 

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I first used a Bike Share service in Melbourne back in 2009 and just used a day pass. Cost me only $2.50 a day back then. I activated it while I was there on holidays and used it to go to many places. Since then I have trialled many bike share systems around the world. They have improved over time. The best ones I tried were ebikes in Amsterdam last year and the latest Mobikes in Sydney. I am yet to try the Urbi system in Joondalup but plan to do that soon.

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