Car Parking Myths Busted!

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy
Your Move Workplaces Team

Our August forum on managing car parking was a sell out! This hot button issue has got people thinking about how we could do things differently.

Jacob Martin, from Cardno, kicked off with a presentation exploring “Parking and Behaviour Change: QEII Case Study.” It was fascinating to explore the close relationship between parking supply and behaviour. It solidified for me that we need to make conscious decisions about the behaviour we want to encourage and then create an environment that supports or discourages that behaviour.

Next was Car Parking Myth Buster, Dean Cracknell, from the Town Teams movement. Dean demonstrated that when it comes to the provision of car parking we are basing a lot of our decisions on myths. The standout fallacy for me was “Abundant parking is always good.” In fact, providing copious parking can degrade the amenity of place and make it a less attractive place to visit. Check out Dean’s presentation here.

What was your key insight from the Forum?

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Key insight for me - how easily people will take what they perceive to be the 'easy' option and how we need to facilitate behaviour change on institutional/community/government levels in order to maintain momentum for long term change.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Great insight Erin. At our Copenhagenize forum last year I was really struck by the facilitator's comment that 62% of people don't ride to work in Copenhagen because they are keen cycling advocates they ride because it is quick and conveninet. So what can we do to make walking, cycling and public transport the easy option?

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