Commuting with Headphones 🎧

Justine (Your Move) Smith

Commuting around the world has been impacted dramatically in the past several weeks, and for some of us that means striking balance between staying at home and heading to the office. For myself and my team, it has been a matter of finding what works best for each person during each week.

Although I'm further from the Perth CBD and my office, since moving house my commute time, happily, has shrunk. The bus from North Beach followed by catching a train at Stirling Train Station was usually an hour, and now I hop on the train at Edgewater Train Station. With a brisk walk that's a solid 45 minutes of podcast listening and/or my next audiobook. It has been a great way to learn and get up to date with news an current affairs in an unbroken journey, albeit only a few times a week right now.

What is does your commute journey look like? We would all love to know 🙂

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