Get active for Heart Week

David (Your Move) Wake

May 3 to 9 is Heart Week, a week to promote the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease. Walking and bike riding to get around are great ways to keep our hearts healthy. Physical inactivity is associated with chronic disease including heart related conditions. Choosing to walk or ride a bike for more of our everyday trips is a way we can boost our activity level and overall wellbeing.

What could you do in Heart Week to encourage walking or bike riding by people in your workplace or school? Here are some ideas: promote active travel in your organisation's intranet or staff newsletter, promote bike facilities at your workplace to colleagues, mention the health benefits of active commuting at a staff meeting, run a breakfast event for colleagues who walk, ride or catch public transport on a given day, encourage walking or riding to business destinations near your site.

For workplaces in the Your Move community - if you run an activity in Heart Week and post a story about it you will earn 25 bonus points. For more activity ideas see the Your Move website. For more on Heart Week see the Heart Foundation website. We look forward to hearing what you do for Heart Week.

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James (Your Move)

Some great tips there David! I look forward to seeing what everyone gets up to.

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