How to move office using cargo bikes!

Trevor Buckenara

I thought I’d share this with you all as it’s such an innovative way to move office.

Sustrans are a bit like Scotland’s version of Your Move, but instead of being part of a government department, they rely on funding from a variety of sources including charitable trusts, lottery funding, government and the private sector. Sustrans began life as Cyclebag, a charity set up in July 1977 in response to an energy crisis that was encouraging the whole world to look at different ways of travelling. Since then, they have been making journeys safer and empowering people to make travel choices which are good for them, their neighbourhoods and the environment.

Sustrans moved all equipment and belongings for their 53 strong London-based workforce sustainably, a distance of 2.7 miles across the capital. Using electric cargo bikes they transported a 117kg printer, 100 storage boxes, 50 crates full of IT equipment, three cupboards and two smoothie bikes!

Pretty cool huh?

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