My Commute to work

Trevor Buckenara

I live south of Perth in the coastal settlement of Golden Bay, so my usual commute is both long and interesting. Unfortunately, the train station at Karnup still hasn’t materialised yet, so I’m forced to drive to our nearest station, then catch the train up to DoT at 140 William street.

However…if you don’t get to the Station by 7:15 on Monday-Thursday, you simply don’t get a car park, (Fridays, are much quieter) so I have developed a little transport hack to circumvent this conundrum. The hack involves a salt lake and a foldable bike.

 “What?.. a salt lake?”, I hear you say? .. Yep. First I drive to a little carpark at a salt lake that’s nearby, then I unfold my folding bike from my wagon and ride the 600m to the station. I use the excellent Transperth bike shelter to securely lock up my bike. Then I stride to the platform with a smug, contented look on my face. (similar to the pic above).

 I find the 40-minute commute on the train to be a great time to work on my laptop, catch up with life admin, read the news, check the surf report, or simply just stare out of the window and contemplate life. I’ve had to drive my car up a couple of times recently and it just feels like such a waste of productive time.

 P.S – obviously now with the current COVID-19 situation my commute has reduced quite a bit (to around 5 steps into our studio), hence the pic of me commuting on my foldup bike (with Chloe the Golden Retriever) to my destination. :)

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