Protect your bike with Bikelinc

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy
Your Move Workplaces Team

Love riding your bike and don’t want to lose it? If it gets stolen do you want the best chance of getting it back?

Bikelinc, a new initiative powered by Crimestoppers and supported by WA Police, is an online platform that helps police find your bike and return it to you.

Setting up your Bikelinc profile is easy. Just head to the Bikelinc website armed with photos of your bike and its serial number - usually stamped underneath the bottom bracket of the frame. 

If you promote this initiative to your school, workplace or local government community be sure to post about it on the Your Move website. We’d love to know how you are Promoting Bike Security to your community. If fact, we'd love to know sooo much we have added it as new activity and made it worth 25 points!


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