Support Cycling with great workplace bike facilities - forum report back

Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Last Tuesday we hosted our first official Your Move forum, 'Workplace Bike Parking: Plan, Build, Manage,' all about how to improve workplace bike parking so more people are encouraged to ride for their work commute.

We had two fabulous guest speakers. Jacob Martin from Cardno used local examples, including his own workplace and the Curtin University Bike Pods to talk about some of the challenges faced when putting in workplace bike facilities. He really emphasised the need for great wayfinding signs, for building quality facilities and for including as least some 'frills' such as drying cupboards, bike pumps and water fountains.

Tenille Teakle from Woods Bagot, a global architecture company, took us on a tour of two recently installed, top of the range bike facilities that demonstrated what a difference good design can make to getting ready for work. It seems they'd thought of everything from a towel service to e-bike charging stations, to lost property boxes and in-built hair straighteners and hair-dryers.

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It was a good session. We have very limited bike parking for staff at the main City of Cockburn administration building. We have 7 fully booked bike lockers and one storabe room. I went back and upgraded the storage room by putting a temporary bike rack in it! It is only a small change but defines the area better and stops the outdoor vac being parked in that area.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Jillian, how fabulous to hear that our forum inspired you to improve you own workplace bike parking. Here at Your Move we love to hear your stories of change no matter how big or how small. If you have time it would be great if you could post a story about the bike parking with a picture of the temporary rack, I can't quite imagine it and would be keen to see what it looked like.

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