We Tracked 5 Perth Workplaces Encouraging Public Transport - This is What Happened

Trevor Buckenara
Your Move Workplaces Team

Public transport in Perth is kind of a big deal. Perth has an incredible, world class public transport system that's currently being improved greatly with Metronet now under construction. We’ve also got significant urban sprawl, so theres no doubt that a lot of people could use that system a bit more often to get around.

Right now, many of those people drive into work - and that’s fine if you absolutely have to, but it also creates more congestion, and impacts negatively on your health, as sitting in traffic has been found to be far more sedentary than catching public transport. This is because you actually have to walk to and from the stops, which allows you to fit in more physical activity as part of your daily routine!.

On the flip-side, when workplaces encourage people to bus, train, bike or walk, to work we get:

  • Reduced traffic congestion in our fair city
  • More exercise
  • Better public health
  • Increased productivity at work
  • Reduced emissions
  • Economic benefits

That’s why at Your Move, a big part of what we do is help workplaces encourage employees to bus, train, bike and walk to work.

Sounds like a great idea in theory - and you might be interested - but what happens when a Perth business actually DOES something?

What do they do? How do they promote public and active transport?

And then... does it work? Do people get behind it? What are the benefits?

Well, we went and found out. Here are five examples of Perth workplaces that did something - plus how it went and how it worked.


Fremantle offers staff SmartRiders

The City of Fremantle ordered a few office SmartRider cards, and kept them at the front desk for employees to use for business trips.

Over the last 18 months, around 260 trips were made using the SmartRiders. The most popular journey? Catching the train into Perth city for meetings. That’s 260 fewer cars on the road, and a considerable savings on petrol  and parking - which the business would have had to pay for otherwise.

It was easy, it remains popular, and it makes a difference - to our city, to the company, and to its employees. Check out their story about it here.


Subiaco’s sustainable travel allowance

The City of Subiaco did something a bit crazy in 2006 - they offered staff a choice between a parking permit, and a ‘sustainable travel allowance’ (STA).

Basically, employees can choose between a parking pass at work, and an allowance of $9 per day to be used on public transport. The program has been running ever since, and uptake has been good - surprisingly good. At last count, 40 - 50% of eligible staff choose the STA. Read all about how they did it here.


EMRC - Introducing new staff to travel options

Having an Information Sheet and informative map allows for employees to gain an understanding of their new surroundings and provides opportunity for them to explore their travel options.

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council  created an Information Sheet on how to get to the EMRC, which is  included in the EMRC’s Induction Pack that’s sent to new staff via email prior to starting. Read more.


Heart Foundation - Give car the boot on PARK(ing) Day

Eight staff at the Heart Foundation gave up their car bays and caught public transport to work for the day. This event really gave staff an opportunity to start thinking about what you could do with all that car parking space. Did you know that cars are parked for 95% of the day?

Check out how they made it happen here.


Arup commits to change in 'Wellness Month'

Here’s a good example of a change that’s more about action than physical objects.

Design and engineering firm Arup challenged employees to make a commitment to wellbeing during the month of May. The challenge covers nutrition, exercise, and even a focus on spending quality time with friends and family.

So Arup started Motivation Mondays, 2-Litre Tuesdays and Walk It Wednesdays - check out their story for some inspiration if you wanted to do something like this.


Want to try something in your workplace?

We’ll make it easy for you. We’ve got heaps of ideas & inspiration on our site.


Your Move stories of change

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If you like, you can become a member on the site (totally free) and start posting updates of your own.


We’ve answered a lot of questions about how to dive in and have a go with promoting public and active transport at work.

Good luck! And we hope to see you around!


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