Working from home (1)

David (Your Move) Wake

Many people have been working from home over recent months. What has our experience been? How can we make working from home more effective? What can working from home mean for transport in our communities?

You are invited to join in the next Your Move Forum, on Wednesday 17 June from 9.30-10.30am, to explore these questions.

In this online forum (webinar) we will hear from two experts from Curtin University:
Caroline Knight - Research Fellow with the Centre for Transformative Work Design, who is undertaking a study of how we are working from home
Carey Curtis - Professor of City Planning and Transport, who is interested in what working remotely means for urban travel.

Join us online for their presentations and for the opportunity to comment and ask questions with people from workplaces in the Your Move network. Register here for a timely look at an important facet of how we work and move.

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