World Environment Day - how will you mark it?

David (Your Move) Wake

Wednesday June 5 is World Environment Day. The theme for the day this year is air pollution. This is a great opportunity to promote walking, riding a bicycle and catching public transport as low or no pollution ways to get around.

Transport is a significant source of air pollution. While air quality in Perth is good most days, being in and around cars exposes us to pollutants that we can breathe in.

How will you mark the day? Here are a few ideas:
1. Post a story on your work intranet about the day (use this post if you like). Encourage people to 'beat air pollution'.
2. Put up an air quality poster in your work kitchen or common room to raise awareness.
3. Hold a morning tea on the day and have a chat about air quality and how our transport choices affects it.

Please share what you do on the Your Move website. For more information see the World Environment Day and BreatheLife websites.

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