You may have noticed that more and more people are reaping the rewards of riding a bike. If you lead a busy life, riding helps you to fit exercise and some stress relief into your day, and can mean less time wasted while stuck in traffic.

However, there are so many bikes out there to choose from and it can be hard to know where to start. A good approach is to think about the types of journey's you want to take on your bike, then choose one that’s going to suit you best. If your just taking a short jaunt to the local shops to pick up the essentials, you'll need a very different bike than if your doing a longer ride as part of your daily commute or weekend exercise!

Below is some handy information to help you to think about all the different types of bikes which are available today. First off are a range of popular bikes for adults, and from page three you’ll find a few options for kids too.

Whether it’s an easy cruise on the weekend, or the commute to the office, the bikes listed in the pdf below provide options suited to all lifestyles.


Woman riding through the city

Get the right fit

When buying your bike, the right size makes for a more comfortable ride. Riding a bike that’s the wrong size can cause strain.

To choose the right size, remember the following points.

  • Go to a bike retailer and try bikes for size and comfort. While testing them, think of how heavy they are, the seated position and how much extra luggage they can carry.
  • The position of your seat is important. Your seat should be fitted so that your leg is only slightly bent when you are seated and the pedal is at its lowest point.

If you’re considering getting a bike for a child, check out this great article about kid’s bikes by consumer group Choice

Accessories are important too

Getting the right accessories for your bike allows you to get the most out of your ride. Some important bike accessories include:

  • A helmet.
  • A bell.
  • A strong lock.
  • Mudguards to shield you from water, mud and other road debris.
  • Panniers or a basket to help you carry extra items.
  • A toolkit, including tyre levers, a spare tube, a puncture repair kit and a pump to carry with you when riding.
  • A trip computer to record the kilometres ridden.
  • For kids, consider training wheels and an bike trailer to carry the little ones in.

Bike accessories

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