Teach your students about how carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Download the lesson plan below.

In this science lesson, students conduct a simple and fun experiment to make carbon dioxide. The experiment also involves identifying human activities that change CO2 levels such as travel choices whilst also setting goals to reduce their emissions.

Year Level: Years 4 to 6

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Conduct a science experiment and cooperate with group members;
  • Understand that the Earth acts like a greenhouse to retain heat;
  • Understand that CO2 is an important greenhouse gas that maintains a temperature on Earth that allows plants and animals to survive;
  • Recognise that an increase in CO2 emissions impacts on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, increasing average global temperatures;
  • Identify human activities that increase or decrease CO2 emissions;
  • Understand how to reduce personal greenhouse gas emissions and understand the personal benefits of doing this and
  • Set goals to reduce personal greenhouse gas emissions.

Two young bike riders from Coolbina Primary School high-five as they park up their bikes

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