Connecting Schools 2022 coming soon!

Connecting Schools grants for 2022 are coming soon. 

Congratulations to those schools who secured funding in last year's round, and for those that missed out on a grant in 2021, we encourage you to keep up the great work by running more active travel promotion and events, continuing to post stories and earn points that you can redeem in the rewards shop.

Connecting Schools is a grant program aimed at improving bicycle access, wayfinding, bicycle education and end-of-trip facilities (bike and scooter parking, bike maintenance stations etc) for schools that are taking part in the Your Move Schools program.

The grant program is led by the Your Move team at the Department of Transport and jointly funded by the Department of Transport and the Department of Education. 

Who can obtain a Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grants are easy to access and available to any school or educational facility for children in Western Australia. To be eligible for a Connecting Schools Grant, schools must be engaged in Your Move Schools and promoting active transport to and from school, have completed a Start of Year Hands up Survey or complete one as soon as the school signs up and reach a Your Move accreditation level of Silver or higher.

What types of Connecting Schools grants are available?

There are four grant levels to unlock in 2022. As schools achieve higher accreditation levels, corresponding grant levels are 'unlocked' and available to be redeemed. For example, if your school has reached Silver accreditation this will unlock the Small Grant valued at up to $799. If your school has reached Platinum accreditation, your school could apply for a Small, Medium or Large Grant (see table below). Only one Connecting Schools grant will be available to each school per financial year. 

It is important to note, the number of grants are limited at all levels and this funding round is set to be highly competitive. Small, medium and large grants will be available on a ‘first in – first served’ basis, and schools can access the grants through the Your Move Rewards Shop. 

Once all grants at a level have been unlocked, those grants will no longer display in the Reward Shop. If a school misses out on the highest funding option, they are eligible to claim, it is recommended the school unlocks the next highest funding package available.

School Accreditation Level

Grant Description

Total# Packages available

Estimated Value

Silver (min 300 points) or higher

Small Grants: 100% funding for bike education, place-making initiative and bike related accessories.

Silver grant options


Up to $799

Gold (min 600 points) or higher

Medium Grants: 100% funding for medium scale bike related infrastructure, bike education and place-making initiative.

Gold grant options



$800 to $2499

Platinum (min 1,000 points) or higher

Large Grants: 100% funding for large scale bike related infrastructure, bike education, bike skills track and wayfinding.

Platinum grant options



$2500 to $7499

Double Platinum (min 1,500 points) or higher

Major Grants: 100% funding for large scale bike related infrastructure and bike education. (Available for eligible schools to unlock every 3 years)

*Major grants awarded via a competitive application process from 2022. More details to come. 

Double Platinum options


$7500 to $15000

When will Connecting Schools Grants be available?

Schools can apply for a Connecting Schools Grant from late August (date TBA) to 31 December 2022. However, if all allotted grant packages are unlocked before 31st December, the grants redemption period will be closed early.

How do eligible Schools apply for a standard Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grants (small, medium and large) can be obtained through the Rewards Shop on the Your Move website. Major grants require a formal application. 

Applying for a Connecting Schools Grant will not affect your school’s redeemable points balance. 

Schools who successfully secure a grant will be required to participate in a ‘kick-off’ meeting with a Your Move Officer prior to project implementation to discuss:

  • how the school wishes for the grant to be used; and
  • the requirements of the Deed and acquittal process.

Once the meeting has occurred, the school will be required to return the Connecting Schools Deed signed by both the Principal and nominated school contact. 

‘Place-Making Initiative’ grants require schools to complete and submit an additional Place-Making Initiative Application Form.

Looking for inspiration? Check out how two schools achieved Connecting Schools Grants in previous years!

If you're wondering how your school can benefit from a Connecting Schools Grant check out these two videos from Winterfold Primary School and Harrisdale Primary School who both secured grants in 2019. 

  • Winterfold Primary School received five 6-capacity bike racks by reaching Platinum Accreditation and unlocking a Large grant.

  • Harrisdale Primary School installed three new lockable scooter racks by achieving Gold Accreditation and unlocking a Medium grant.

Connecting Schools Grants- Silver packages

Connecting Schools Grants- Gold packages

Connecting Schools Grants- Platinum packages

Connecting Schools - Double Platinum packages

Connecting Schools Grants- Fact Sheet

Download the Fact Sheet for all the details you need to know about the Connecting Schools Grants.

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