Applications for Connecting Schools Grant 2023-24 have now closed!

Thanks to all participating schools that submitted an application.

Connecting Schools Grant funding is available to participating Western Australian Your Move Schools, and aims to improve their bike access, skills and infrastructure. This, in turn, supports students to get active on their way to and from school, increasing student physical activity levels, and reduces car trips and parking demand around schools.

Connecting Schools Grant 2023-24

The Connecting Schools Grant is an initiative of the WA State Government, led by Department of Transport (DoT) and jointly funded by DoT and the Department of Education.

Whether your school has applied for a grant previously or not, please take the time to carefully read through the following information. Several significant changes to the program have been made for this grant round.

Who can access a Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grant funding is available to any school or educational facility for children in Western Australia, that is registered, and actively engaged, in the Your Move program.

To be eligible to apply for a Connecting Schools Grant, Your Move schools must:

  • have completed a Start of Year Hands Up Survey, or completed one within two weeks of the school joining the program;
  • reach a Your Move accreditation level of Silver or higher before the grant period closes;
  • commit to submitting an End of Year Hands Up Survey in Term 4, 2023; and
  • have fulfilled all acquittal requirements for previous Connecting Schools Grants funded projects.


What types of Connecting Schools Grant funding are available in 2023

Four types of grants (small, medium, large and major) will be available to apply for in Term 3, 2023. Eligibility for each level is based on the Your Move accreditation level the school has achieved in 2023 (refer to table below).

For example, if your school has reached silver accreditation, you can apply for a small grant valued at up to $799. If your school has reached double platinum accreditation, your school could apply for a small, medium, large or major grant, depending on the grant package you wish to be considered for.

It is important to note schools can only apply for and receive, where successful, one Connecting Schools grant per financial year. If your school is unsuccessful, you will not be able to apply again until the next round.

Schools applying for one of the four major grants are to be aware, where a school is deemed unsuccessful, they will no longer have the option to apply for a lesser valued grant in the same grant round.

School Accreditation Level

Grant Description

Total# Packages available

Estimated Value

Silver (min 300 points) or higher

Small Grants: Project options include bike check-up, place making projects, bike promotion package and active travel book library.


Up to $799

Gold (minimum 600 points) or higher

Medium Grants: Project options include bike and scooter related infrastructure, bike education, pool bicycles and helmets and place making projects.


$800 to $2,499

Platinum (minimum 1,000 points) or higher

Large Grants: Project options include bike and scooter related infrastructure, bike education, and bike skills track.


$2,500 to $7,499

Double Platinum (min 1,500 points) or higher

Major Grants*: Funding only for large scale bike and scooter parking related infrastructure projects.


Up to $20,000

*Schools that have received Major grant funding in the past two financial years will be exempt from applying for a Major grant in the 2023-24 round. Refer to the Grant Guidelines for more details.

Grant package offerings

Funding is offered as packaged services and goods. The Grant Menu details the package offerings, which are available for schools to apply for through the application process.

Major grant applications must be solely for the use of infrastructure projects, however $2,499 of the total grant funding can be reserved for a place making project to support the activation of the infrastructure. Schools will be required to submit a project description and supporting documentation including costings, draft site plan and relevant photos. Please refer to the Infrastructure Menu (coming soon) for information on pricing.

When will Connecting Schools Grant funding be available?

The application period will open at 8.00 am, Wednesday 16 August 2023 and will close at 5.00 pm, Wednesday 6 September 2023.

How do you apply for a grant?

Applications for the 2023-24 Connecting Schools Grant have now closed.

In 2023, a total pool of $225,000 is available to eligible schools to apply for as package goods and services to support active travel to school. 

Remember, Connecting Schools Grants are offered annually, so if you miss out this year you will have another opportunity to apply next year. In the meantime, you can use points to redeem Reward Shop items to help your school deliver the Your Move program.

When will we find out if our Connecting Schools Grant application was successful?

All grant applications will be reviewed and assessed by an internal assessment panel and the recommendations will reviewed DoT’s Independent Review Function. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application on 9 October 2023. All successful schools will be sent an invite to attend a ‘kick off meeting’ to discuss next steps for acquitting the grant.

Please refer to the Grant Guidelines for key dates.


Need more information?

For more information about Connecting School Grants please contact the Your Move Team on email or telephone (08) 6551 6040 (Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm).

Looking for inspiration? Check out how two schools achieved Connecting Schools Grants in previous years!

If you're wondering how your school can benefit from a Connecting Schools Grant check out these two videos from Winterfold Primary School and Harrisdale Primary School who both secured grants in 2019. 

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