Providing a map is a great way to show employees and visitors how easy it is to walk, ride a bicycle or catch the bus or train to your workplace. You can make your access guide available on your website or intranet, provide a printed copy at staff inductions and attach it to meeting invitations.

Your Move makes it easy

If your organisation is registered on our website then you can use your redeemable points in our ‘online rewards shop’ to order your own workplace access guide, and we’ll do the hard work for you.

What is an Access Guide?

Workplace access maps show walking, cycling and public transport facilities. They provide information specific to your workplace, such as:

  • Walking paths
  • Bicycle friendly routes
  • Nearby bus stops and train stations
  • Bike parking and repair stations
  • Showers and lockers

How to order a workplace access guide?

To order a workplaces access guide from our ‘online rewards shop’ you will need to be an active member of the Your Move online community. This means you will have:

  1. Signed up to Your Move
  2. Registered your organisation on our website
  3. Completed at least one activity
  4. Posted a story on the website about what you've done to promote active travel
  5. Earned the 500 points required to order a workplace access guide

Once you have 500 points, or more, head to our online rewards shop and redeem them on an access guide. We will then email you requesting:

  • Confirmation of workplace name and physical address
  • A photo of your workplace
  • A high resolution file of your organisation’s logo (preferably .ai or .eps)
  • A commitment that you will mark up the map we supply with information about you bike facilities

What we do?

We will check the bicycle routes and public transport service information that connect with your workplace. We will pop it all in our handy template and make sure we provide information specific to your workplace. You will have an opportunity to review it to check for accuracy and then we will provide you with a final PDF that can be shared online or printed.

If you have any queries about preparing a workplace access guide, contact us.

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