Sharing stories is central to being an active member of the Your Move community. It also gets you points to spend on great items for your workplace or school!

Check out our video below to view how to post a story, or select the drop down list for the written instructions. 

Share what your school or workplace has been up to recently. You may wish to post different stories for each activity you run. You can earn bonus points by posting:

  • Lots of details of how you went about your event, competition, activity or initiative – this helps others learn from your experiences!
  • Photos (and videos!) that show what you did – this can be of planning sessions, competition entries and all the action on the day
  • Reflections on the lessons you learnt along the way - what did and didn’t work
  • Observations of changes of travel culture e. stories or results and data
  • Share anything you have created, such as action plans, lesson plans, art work or quiz questions
  • Innovative activities will earn bonus points

How to use our Stories tool

Our stories page allows you to easily add text, photos and video. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in in to your organisation's account, or sign up and create your workplace or school.
  2. You can access the Add Story page from either your Dashboard or the Stories page. On your Dashboard, scroll down to the blue box to your right and click the yellow box Write story.
  3. Write the title of your story at the top of the white box. Just type over the grey “Enter your title here” text.
  4. Click inside the next box and simply start typing to add your text. Click the enter/return key on your keyboard to create a new box.
  5. Select the little ‘+’ sign to the right to add a list, a video or a photo
    • To add a photo, click on the image icon and select the image in the dialog box. You can also drag and drop images from your desktop,
    • For videos, copy and paste a URL (i.e. the address bar) from YouTube or drag from your desktop.
  6. If you want to remove a line of text simply backspace until it has disappeared. To remove image or video, click the ‘x’ to the right-hand side of the story space.
  7. If you decide you want to re-order the elements of your story, simply select the little triangle icon on the right of the white box and drag that line of text, photo video (or so on) up or down. 
  8. Before you’ve finished, you might like to take a look at our hot tips for better stories.
  9. When you’re done, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the relevant response to the question “Is this the first story about an activity you’ve just completed?”
  10. If your answer is yes, select the activity you’ve just completed from the drop-down list. If your answer is no, (i.e. it’s a follow-up story, or about something else) just select this option and go ahead and post the story.
  11. When you’re ready, click “Post story now” button at the bottom of screen.  Please note at right now there is no save function for writing stories. Once you have posted it, the story cannot be edited.

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