Are you keen to get to know your local neighbourhood on foot, by bike, or using public transport? If so, it could be time to Map Your Move using one of our handy local area maps produced in partnership with local government.

Each map shows routes and local facilities such as supermarkets, dog exercise areas, public toilets, skate parks, playgrounds and post boxes. One side of the guide is for public transport, it shows bus routes, train stations, bus stops, wheelchair accessible services and train frequencies.

The other side of the guide is for walking and cycling, it shows bike routes, shared paths (for cyclists and walkers), bike lanes, walking trails, bike shops, bike repair stations and bike parking.

Free copies of Map Your Move are available from your local government authority, contact details are included on the maps. You can also use the Avenza app links below to download these maps to iOS and Android devices. This gives you the ability to zoom right in and see where you are on the map.

Please Note that bus and cycle routes may have changed since initial publications of the maps.

We can help you Map Your Move in other local government areas. To find out where click here.

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